30 Delicious & So Easy Keto Vegetarian Recipes packed with Healthy Veggies

Are you a vegetarian who wants to start the keto diet, but is worried there won’t be enough Easy Keto Vegetarian Recipes packed with Healthy Veggies? The keto diet isn’t hard, even when you’re a vegetarian. You may think that you’re already cutting back on a lot of food, but there are plenty of choices to keep you going on a vegetarian keto meal plan. These 30 Delicious & So Easy Keto Vegetarian Recipes packed with Healthy Veggies are filled with good-for-you ingredients that help keep you satisfied and keep your body running.
Since the keto diet contains so much meat, I know how hard it can be for our vegetarian friends out there. This is why I have made a list of 30 Delicious & So Easy Keto Vegetarian Recipes packed with Healthy Veggies you can make for dinner or lunch, to craft your perfect keto vegetarian meal plan.
These 30 Delicious & So Easy Keto Vegetarian Recipes packed with Healthy Veggies are packed with healthy veggies and will help you follow a keto diet even if you’re a vegetarian.

Vegetarian Keto Club Salad

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Being keto doesn’t have to be hard for all you vegetarians out there! Whether you have been doing keto for a while now, or have just made the switch, it can seem like every recipe you come across is meat heavy and low on the veggies. If you have been used to eating a diet that was primarily fruits and vegetables it can certainly leave you feeling like you are missing out and maybe even craving some of that fresh and crunchy texture. My solution? The simple but oh so filling keto club salad!
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Fresh Bell Pepper Basil Pizza

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Fresh Bell Pepper Basil PizzaLet’s face it – we all love pizza. Though, when we’re on a ketogenic diet, it can be pretty tough to have the things we want – but pizza isn’t one of them. You can make your own dough, top it, and have it on your plate within 30 minutes of starting dinner. Now, would Rachel Ray really believe us when we told her that it’s all low carb, too? I don’t think so.
We’re going to make an absolutely delicious and fresh pizza. Topped with red and yellow bell pepper that bring a fantastic crunch, sweetness, and fresh aspect to every single bite. On top of that, we’re adding freshly chopped basil which brings everything together with a hint of summer that I’m sure you’ll love. Fresh tomato with a combination of pre-made sauce is a great “easy way out” to making your own sauce from scratch, and we can still keep it perfect for keto.
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Keep your pizza lower in calories and carbs and packed with nutrients with this comfort food makeover! This Low Carb Margherita Pizza with Portobello Mushroom Crust is fantastic as a main, appetizer or side dish. You can make these in your oven under the broiler any time of year. They’re also great on the barbecue for a quick and easy summer meal.
These mini pizzas are made with portobello mushroom caps instead of wheat crust, making them low carb, keto, gluten-free and vegetarian. They’re also packed with potential cancer-fighting nutrients!
This recipe is also a win because these mini pizzas are ready in 15 minutes (including prep time)! That’s faster than any pizza can be ordered and delivered!
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Low-Carb Cauliflower Creamed Spinach

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Mmmm spinach…. I love me some spinach. My favorite way to eat my beloved spinach is creamed.
Creamed spinach recipes, sadly, contains flour, but fear no more, because that little fact forced us to invent this a.m.a.z.i.n.g. side dish recipe -> Low-Carb Cauliflower Creamed Spinach ohhhh yeah!
This recipe is definitely a family favorite. Yes, I say that almost every time we post a recipe, but this time it’s more true than the other times (I may or may not say that every time too, but that’s besides the point).
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Low Carb Zucchini Parmesan Chips – Keto Friendly Recipe

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I am determined not to get bored in this keto lifestyle so I made some of the most delicious Low Carb Zucchini Parmesan Chips today! These chips were loved by the whole family! They were super simple to make too! Gosh I love easy and healthy recipes like this one. This is why I am able to stay on track.
I’ve tried this with Zucchini and Yellow Squash and both vegetables are amazing in this recipe.
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if you have a bit of Leap Year Day knowledge in your ol’ head, drop me a comment below. I want to know. In the meantime, let’s talk zoodles. 2016 has turned out to be the year of the zoodle. You can’t walk down a grocery aisle without seeing signs for zoodled sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, peppers, and zucchini.
I think it’s great that people are finding vegetables to be more interactive because I do believe in balance. Now, if we could only zoodle some fried chicken. Just kidding. Maybe. But speaking of balance, this French Onion Zoodle Bake is the perfect ying and yang when it comes to comfort-healthy food. I adore, in fact crave French onion soup. It’s my second favorite soup with tomato being the first in case you were dying to know.
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