30 So Delicious & Healthy Low carb No Bake Energy Bites Packed with Protein

These Healthy Low carb No Bake Energy Bites Packed with Protein are awesome, because they are packed with protein, which help keep me full. Not only are they easy to make, protein bites recipes are so full of variety. Whether you are a fan of peanut butter or want a vegan energy bite recipe, you’ll find yourself wanting to try more and more new recipes.
If you’re a grazer who loves eating healthy snacks especially no-bake snacks, then you’re going to rejoice over this! I’ve rounded up my top 30 So Delicious & Healthy Low carb No Bake Energy Bites Packed with Protein for your snacking pleasure.
These 30 So Delicious & Healthy Low carb No Bake Energy Bites Packed with Protein are perfect for a post-workout snack, road trip, kids lunchbox snack, or anytime you just need a healthy bite to eat.


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That chocolate and cherry combo is a quintessential summertime pairing to me. Fresh sweet cherries are only in season for such a short time up here that I like to take advantage of them while I can. Our local farm even has cherry picking going on right now. And nothing goes better with them than chocolate.
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Quick and easy no-bake Energy Bites filled with oats, honey and nut butter. A healthy breakfast, snack or dessert. Choose your favorite flavor!
Energy Bites? Energy Balls? Peanut Butter Bites? I don’t know what to call these. What I do know is that they are addicting, satisfying, and wholesome, and you need to make them NOW.
With back to school in full swing I am currently preparing and packing snacks like it is my job (wait, I guess it kinda is)? I try to stay away from most packaged/processed snacks and feed my kids healthier homemade snacks whenever possible.
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Banana and Coconut No-bake Energy Bite

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Banana and coconut mixed with other wholesome ingredients to create this delicious healthy energy bite recipe.
For this new energy bite recipe I decided to keep it simple with banana and coconut. All of you seem to LOVE banana recipes – me too! If you’re like me, then most likely your banana recipes are made out of necessity. What I mean by this is 1-3 ripe bananas are reaching their shelf life and either need to be created into a delicious bread, baked oatmeal cups, or energy bites or else they’ll be thrown out. I don’t know about you but I hate throwing any food out, especially bananas. What I’m trying to say is this recipe was created out of the need to save a banana and use up the last of the shredded coconut I had.
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Healthy Birthday Cake Energy Bites

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Healthy Birthday Cake Energy Bites are perfect for when there’s no time to bake a cake, but totally time to savor the flavors in a treat made for your special day! Made with whole food ingredients for a great snack to hold you over any day of the year!
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Snacking on balls is my healthy go to for sweets and treats cravings!
I love my sweets, I love my snacks, and I love these balls! They’re so easy to make and packed with superfoods including dates, coconut and matcha!
Matcha is an amazing source of antioxidants and helps to boost the immune system and fight inflammation in the body! Not to be confused with maca, this green powder is specially grown and processed green tea, but unlike green tea, it contains the whole leaves. This leaves the powder with a deeper flavor and a higher quality superfood tea.
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coconut fudge bliss balls

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OKAY–Life talk is over. Let’s get onto the balls! (Wait, what?!) Below I have a super easy recipe for you (adapted from the lovely My Darling Lemon Thyme cookbook). I simply traded out the raisins for more dates, added in some extra melted coconut oil. These taste exactly like fudge to me, but they don’t leave you wanting to binge on sugar. They’re also quick and fun to make and they look so cute to boot!
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