With all of the yummy food being passed around the christmas dinner table there is likely not many healthy or low carb options. The good news is that I have put together a list of 30 Easy Make Ahead Healthy Christmas Side Dishes That the whole family will love. And they are so tasty that even your non keto family members will love them!
Here are some of the best Healthy Christmas Side Dishes to add to the big meal on Christmas. The main course is great, but the variety of side dishes is the most fun to experience. Here are 30 Easy Make Ahead Healthy Christmas Side Dishes That the whole family will love to add to your Christmas traditions.



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This butternut squash cauliflower casserole (healthy low carb sweet potato casserole) tastes like sweet potatoes, but is sugar-free, paleo, keto & whole 30.
This year, I’ve made it a goal to low-carb-ify (new word right here, yeah!) another classic holiday side dish: Low Carb Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Crust! Which is now my version of a healthy sweet potato casserole.
Of course, actual sweet potatoes are too starchy for a low carb diet, but there’s no need to miss out. It turns out that roasted butternut squash and cauliflower make the perfect stand-ins. They just need a little sugar-free sweetener added to make them as sweet as sweet potatoes.
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Even if you know how to make broccoli salad with bacon, this broccoli cranberry salad recipe is a must-try. It has the best broccoli salad dressing!
How do you make broccoli salad? It’s super easy. My mother-in-law first introduced me to it years ago. She makes her healthy broccoli salad with cranberries that are store-bought, and her version also has shredded carrots. Mine, on the other hand, is low carb and sugar-free.
Aside from the dressing, you only need five ingredients to make broccoli cranberry salad! How awesome is that? I’m a huge fan of five-ingredient recipes. That’s nearly impossible with a salad including the dressing, but for the rest of the salad, this one has just five.
The basic ingredients are broccoli, red onions, dried cranberries, walnuts, and what I consider to be the most important ingredient – bacon! Of course, you can customize it any way you like. Feel free to add in whatever else you like in your broccoli salad.
Making broccoli bacon salad is a breeze. Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl, whisk the dressing in a small bowl, and mix ’em together. That’s it!
This makes a great make-ahead or overnight salad, and the flavors get even better if you refrigerate it for a while. Healthy olivie salad is a great overnight salad as well. There are no greens to wilt or get slimy, so it stores well and is absolutely fantastic the next day.
So, what about that easy broccoli salad dressing? You guys, it’s awesome…
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This riced cauliflower stuffing is a hit for those trying to make healthier choices. This recipe is similar to trader joes riced cauliflower stuffing and makes a great keto side dish for those eating low carb or whole30 for christmas and thanksgiving.
Riced cauliflower is one of those foods that burst onto the scene and made some major waves in the whole30, low carb and keto world. At first it took me a little while to come around to it because it was so flavorless and bland to me.
With a bunch of experimenting I found that riced cauliflower really soaks up whatever flavor you give it which is a good thing. I started making many variations that made me fall in love with riced cauliflower.
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Baked Yellow Squash Noodles And Cheese

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Who can say no to a piping hot bowl of this baked yellow squash noodles and cheese sitting right in front of them? I can’t. Nope. This easy squash casserole is a rich, creamy, and low carb way to get your cheese fix on for dinner tonight.Yep and yay…
After I julienned the squash, I spread them out over two baking sheets, and broiled them just like I did for my spicy chicken Stroganoff with broiled zoodles.
While each of the two batches were broiling, I whipped up the easy cheese sauce on the stove, and turned the oven down to 375 degrees F.
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Crispy Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts

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Delicious and crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts make the perfect side dish or snack without the use of the oven. Suitable for Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Keto, Paleo, Vegan and Whole 30 dieters. Post includes Weight Watchers points.
OK let me introduce you to my new thing. AKA these super crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts ‘that should have been a thing loooooong ago and I will certainly be making up for it’ thing. And I 101% know that they are going to be your new thing too. #justsaying.
Yeap these Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts are a thing. So much so that I made you a video showing you how easy they are to make too. With only 3 ingredients too.
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instant pot mashed cauliflower

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Ahhhh yes, mashed cauliflower: that lightened up version of mashed potatoes that we all WANT to be as good, but somehow always seems to be a disappointment. Well, not anymore. With the help of the Instant Pot, you can make rich, thick, mashed cauliflower.
The resulting texture is delightful – smooth but thick, and much closer to the starchiness I always crave and miss when having mashed potatoes.
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