Well all remember them. The things our parents used to say to us that actually made no sense at all. Weren’t they supposed to be TEACHING us as kids and not filling our minds with worthless phrases?
“See Ya Later Alligator!” :We aren’t alligators nor is it nice to infer your child looks like a green river beast everyone is afraid of.
“Easy-peasy Japanesey” :What….? You made a really awful rhyme and it makes no sense anyway. Or if you did the Lemon-Squeezy version. It’s not easy to squeeze a lemon because all those seeds get in the way!
“Oh Kidos…” :Kidos isn’t even a real word, don’t make things up.
“Okey-Dokey Artichokey.” :Again, why are we telling children they look green? And this time delicious as well? Are parents just hungry all the time and thinking about food?
“Silly Snickerdoodle…” :Are snickerdoodles silly? I can’t remember the last joke I heard from one
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A post on a Friday? I know, your world has been turned upside down. But I decided most people were a tad busy yesterday, so I waited to share another recipe.
Puppy Chow.
Some people call them Muddy Buddies, some people get mad at me and tell me I’m killing dogs by calling it “puppy” chow… well whatever your opinion, it is crazy popular stuff. And I have to admit, I love making it because it’s SO EASY. In 6 minutes you can be done, start to finish. No waiting for the oven to preheat, or waiting for the timer to buzz–none of that! Just melt, mix, shake and pour.
My Peanut Butter Brownie Puppy Chow recipe gets a ton of traffic and rave reviews. So I thought…throw in some pieces of toffee and it’s even better!
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Confession: I always have food with me. I just can’t go anywhere without some chocolate in my purse or a granola bar in my pocket.
So naturally, I was sitting in church a few weeks ago with a bag full of this stuff. And the 7-year-old boy in front of me kept glancing over his shoulder. He didn’t dare make eye contact with me, but he just starred at the bag of puppy chow hoping it would magically jump into his mouth. I humored the people around me and asked if he wanted it, he gave a quick nod, I held out the bag and then it was gone. He snatched it away so fast I could hardly release my grip on the bag.
He didn’t look over his shoulder again. Perhaps he was worried I would ask for it back.
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I’m sort of an odd ball. Last summer when I was insanely busy writing my first book, (I may or may not have put it off for a little while so I only had 2 1/2 months to write, bake and photograph 80 recipes), I was so tired at the end of my days I didn’t want to drive the 25 minutes to see people I knew. But I still wanted to do the fun summer outdoor things. So what did I do? I built a fire in our backyard.
By myself.

Who does that?
I do I guess and it was wonderful! I would like to say I used my Girl Scout skills to start the fire, but I didn’t. I don’ think being a GS taught me much other than the names of all the cookies. But don’t you worry, Grandpa Hansen taught me well. Three matches and the kindling you can find is all you get with him, and I have always stuck to that rule. If you can’t start a fire with that, you have no business starting one at all.
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Most kids got Gushers, Doritos, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in their lunch box. But with a brother allergic to peanut butter… I got cold pesto pasta with tomatoes, cucumbers and capers. I thought I was going to be the loser at lunch with the weird green pasta. I thought about pulling a Charlie Brown and eating with the paper sack over my head to not see the weird looks from Kenzie and Danny.
But miraculously enough, I turned into the girl that everyone wanted to swap with. Three Dorito chips or 5 Gushers for a fork full of my pasta was the running rate.
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One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is come home from church, take off my tight pencil skirt, 4-inch heels, silk blouse and slip on some cozy sweats and a flannel button-up. But I’m always too tired to take of the jewelry. So all day long I have on a comfy outfit that’s bling’d out with pearls and gold. I always laugh if I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I look like a cross between a lumberjack and a princess on her way to Prince Charming’s ball.
So here’s a cross between kid-treat and gown-up flavor combo.
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