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32 Easy Low Carb Keto Cauliflower Recipes to Lose Weight Easily

32 Easy Low Carb Keto Cauliflower Recipes to Lose Weight Easily


Easy Paleo Carbonara (Whole30, Keto, Ready in 15 minutes)

Credit :thecastawaykitchen.com

Dismantle the head of garlic on your work area, use your fingers to separate the cloves from the laters of the dried outer lining. Bring your trash bin up the counter and swipe away all the peels.
Line up your garlic cloves in a row and use the side of your knife to firmly smash them down. Then pick the peels off each clove and discard it. Pile up your garlic in the center of your cutting board and mince it all up.
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Credit :beautyandthefoodie.com

Bacon Burger Cauliflower Rice Casserole is super easy to make, very low in carbs, with a paleo (dairy free) version. Oh my, this was some serious bacon cheeseburger goodness! My son did not know it was cauliflower rice in this dish. He thought it was actual rice. The whole family loved this recipe and fortunately, it was an easy one to make!
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Credit :realfoodwithdana.com

This recipe (along with another one I’m working on for you guys right now), is about to change the way you think about meal prepping/cooking your veggies and advance FOREVER. Yeah, that’s a pretty bold statement, but trust me on this one. Mind-freaking-blown when I made this for the first time.
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Paleo 5-Spice ‘Fried Rice’

Credit :getinspiredeveryday.com

The ‘Fried Rice’ is in quotes because it’s not actually rice at all but cauliflower. Ever since I discovered that cauliflower makes a great fried rice with my Paleo Pineapple Fried Rice, I’ve been making all sorts of variations. Of course you can make this with actual rice if you’d like, I tried it that way too and it was really good, I just like to pack as many veggies into a meal as I can!
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Bacon Kimchi Cauliflower Fried Rice

Credit :getinspiredeveryday.com

What is it about bacon that transcends the line between sweet and savory, making everything it’s added to taste better!?! Bacon doughnuts – um… yes please, or we can do a 180º and add bacon to kimchi fried rice – either way it’s equally good.
This recipe started off as just kimchi fried rice, but I had a partial package of bacon in the fridge which was next to the jar of kimchi. And I think you can guess where this is going because of course I grabbed both the kimchi and the bacon. I’m glad this welcome addition happened because bacon adds a whole new smoky dimension that really kicks the flavor of kimchi up a notch.
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Sriracha Cauliflower Fried Rice

Credit :getinspiredeveryday.com

We make fried rice fairly often because it’s a fantastic way to use up little bits of leftovers in the fridge. Sometimes I use cauliflower for a veggie packed version, but sometimes I use cold leftover cooked rice when I’m really craving carbs.
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