About The Fabulous Mommies

What The Fabulous Mommies all about?

It’s simple, you most certainly already guessed it from the name, it’s all about making good food, at home, without breaking the bank. It’s possible!. This blog is to share my stories and passion for cuisine, as well as to show you guys that it takes almost nothing to make good food and even better memories.
The Fabulous Mommies offers clean eating, healthy recipes that usually fit the Keto, the paleo diet or are Whole30 compliant. I pack my recipes with as much flavor as possible, so you never feel like you’re eating “healthy” – just delicious food!
The idea behind this blog is to bring to you delicious, decadent food at and affordable cost. So whether you are looking to add more healthy recipes in your life, or more fat, our promise to you is we will make it as affordable as can be without compromising on quality!


About Mohamed!

Hey there! My name is Mohamed & I am the lead writer here at TheFabulousMommies.com. I was born and raised in and around Morocco, my everyday reality until now is: the good sunnt days; the long, balmy summers of Marrakech; and splendid Moroccan dishes, cooked with love by my wonderful mother. I spent most of my time in Marrakech, exposed to many different dishes and styles of cuisine. All natural, all amazing.
I’ve been blogging since 2011 but it wasn’t until 2016 that i discovered how perfect The Keto ,the paleo diet and Whole30 made us feel. I’d been interested in healthy eating since a very early age.


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