It’s finally barbecue season that has begun. Whether alone or as a couple on weeknights, or with guests on the weekend, there is nothing better than a good cut of meat grilled outside. However, there is nothing worse than a missed barbecue, so learn tips on how to be the best cook of the summer!

  1. Always clean your grill
    Before, but also after each use. We know that food tends to stick, so we don’t want to taste leftovers from your last barbecue! Quick tip: the grill always cleans itself better when it is hot.
  2. Respect everyone’s cooking
    If you bother to ask your guests how they eat their meat, be sure to respect it! To do this, start by placing the meats requiring longer cooking (cooked, well-done, etc.) on the grid. Then, allow 3 minutes to elapse between each desired degree of doneness. This way all your cuts of meat will be ready at the same time.
  3. Don’t be afraid to marinate your food
    And not just your meat, your vegetables too! This technique will enhance their good taste and your guests will love it!
  4. Make sure the grill is hot.
    Before placing your food in it, it is the same principle as when you use a stove ring; you must wait until the oil is hot before adding food. This way, they will retain all their juice and will be more tender to taste. This is called “grabbing”.
  5. Don’t put pressure on the meat
    Contrary to what one might think, this is not a good technique for promoting cooking. While it can speed up the process, this technique will actually lose all fluids (fat, juice, etc.) and you won’t end up with a juicy, tender piece of meat, as we usually like.
  6. Let the meat rest
    It is always best to remove the meat a few minutes before it has reached the desired doneness, and cover it with aluminum foil to let it rest for a few more minutes. Your meat will be much juicier and the blood will not flow to the plates.
  7. Bad habit
    Avoid at all costs checking the doneness of meat by inserting anything in it, such as the peaks of a fork. When you make a hole in the meat, you allow the juices to come out, so it will be much less tender and juicy on the plate. You should be able to check doneness just by touching the meat. Yes, it takes a little practice to be a cooking pro!

You are now ready to impress your guests! Enjoy your meal!


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