Down with germs, hello clean hands for the whole family! How about combining savings and ecology by making a homemade natural soap? As a bonus, the pleasure of making and the pride of using your own soap will appeal to young and old.



To encourage them to wash their hands regularly, hide a pretty bean in your homemade soap. They’ll just have to rub their hands assiduously to find it!


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The manufacture of soap requires know-how and some precautions must be taken especially when handling caustic soda, an essential component of soap. However, to make it with your older children and involve them in the development of your homemade soap, there are alternative recipes. We begin ?

Recipe for small natural homemade soaps:

To prepare your homemade soap workshop, you will need:

250 g of Marseille soap flakes or leftover soap that you have kept
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (coconut, sweet almond, olive, monoi …)
25 cL of mineral water,
gingerbread spices, rose hydrosol, vanilla aroma for flavoring (alternative to essential oils).
Start by melting the soap flakes or leftover soap in a double boiler and add the vegetable oil of your choice, stir. Heat the water at the same time without bringing it to a boil and combine the two liquids, stirring for a few minutes. Add the aroma of your choice to your preparation and mix. Pour into silicone molds (muffin type) and wait until the next day to unmold and be sure your soaps have hardened. Quick, we must test now! Verdict?

Tip: You can also add dry lavender flowers, coffee grounds for an exfoliating soap, rose petals, etc. to your soaps.