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Welcome again to the home of Easy Healthy Recipes on Budget & Easy Healthy dessert on Budget, Today i will guide you how to make “Instant Pot Yardbird Chili with White Beans”. I made this Delicious recipe a few days ago, and I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it with my family. It came out very tasty and flavorful.
Don’t worry it’s easy! This delicious healthy recipe is easy to make and i walks you through the steps and all the ingredients on how to make it!

  • “eric” : Made this for my husband for Sunday dinner and we loved it. We have an InstaPot but I decide to use the slow cooker. Followed the recipe and used some of the suggestion from the reviews. The flavor was prefect
  • “deborah” : I do not have an Instant Pot. I made it on stovetop with regular pot. First I baked half a large seasoned chicken breast(bone-in skin-on); shredded & chopped & added to soup. I used 3 cans of beans (a variety Northern black & light 
  • “hellen” : I already suspected that this recipe may need to be tailored for the 3-Qt IP so I reduced the amount of chicken as well as the beans (by about 3/4c. I used all of the chilis and the enchilada 
  • “heidi” : I’ve made this recipe twice in the last month and we just love it! The instant pot makes it so easy. The only change I made the second time around was to cut the beans back by half a cup (this seemed to make the bean consistency 
  • “john” : Since our instantpot is the 3 quart size I cut the recipe in half. I found that after cooking there were way too many beans and they were undercooked. Maybe because of the surplus of beans the chili was too thick.
  • “daniel” : Made this chili for the first time for a church chili contest. Won 1st place. I did mix it up just a little I used the insta-pot to pressure soak the beans (2 cups of water per 1 cup of beans cooks for 4 minutes let pressure go out naturally) 

So HOW TO MAKE THIS TASTY RECIPE? don’t worry it’s easy! This delicious homemade recipe is easy to make and walks you through the steps and all the ingredients on how to make it on the next page!


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