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Welcome again to the home of Easy Healthy Recipes on Budget & Easy Healthy dessert on Budget, Today i will guide you how to make “Light Avocado Egg Salad”. I made this Delicious recipe a few days ago, and I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it with my family. It came out very tasty and flavorful.
Don’t worry it’s easy! This delicious healthy recipe is easy to make and i walks you through the steps and all the ingredients on how to make it!

  • “anna” : Delicious! I did use more avocado than called for but that is just because I love them! My granddaughter said to serve this on a ham sandwich and you’d have Green Eggs and Ham!
  • “alibo” : Fabulous idea for a healthier “mayonaise”. I thought that 1/2 an avocado was just right for this recipe, I’m thinking of using avocado in my tuna next time too! Thanks for a great recipe idea!
  • “hellen” : I haven’t had egg salad in years. I’ve been wanting to make some since I now have my own chickens. This recipe was so good. Definitely a keeper! I did use more avocado and in place of the salt & pepper, I used a squeeze of fresh lemon juice & a dash of tabasco. Thanks for sharing your recipe
  • “gina” : I have made hundreds of recipes on this sight and not reviewed them, but this one I HAD to. I just made it for lunch and I will never make egg salad the old way again! Thank you!
  • “molly” : What a great addition to egg salad – avocado. I was very excited to try this recipe, and I was not disappointed. I was leery that it would bind together without any mayonnaise, but it worked great. I’ve made this several times to pack in my lunch. All the gals I eat lunch with asked for this recipe. Now they make their egg salad this way. The avocado adds so much flavor and depth to the salad, it just is an odd color. Thanks
  • “sue” : Very flavorful and so easy to make. I did use more avocado and used Dijon mustard as that is our preference. Absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing!

So HOW TO MAKE THIS TASTY RECIPE? don’t worry it’s easy! This delicious homemade recipe is easy to make and walks you through the steps and all the ingredients on how to make it on the next page!


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