With shampoos, conditioners, masks and other styling creams that are available on the market, we tend to coat our hair with chemicals. Perhaps you have already started to verify that your products do not contain parabens or silicones … Know that you can do even more, for less!


A homemade shampo for everyone:

To make your own shampoo, you will mainly need essential oils. Be careful, however, when choosing them! Some are not made to touch your hair … To choose them, you must match the color of your hair so that it does not lose its shine.
For blond hair, for example, we recommend chamomile instead, while brown to red hair will require calendula or hibiscus. Brown hair will be perfectly treated with rosemary.
The latter oil will also be helpful in combating hair loss, while lavender oil will soften your hair and tea tree oil will help you get rid of dandruff.
Once you have chosen your oils, all you have to do is choose the natural shampoo recipe you prefer. There are a lot of them and you can easily find some that will save you very little money and energy.


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For example, the most economical of all: mix apple cider vinegar and baking soda with your essential oils and you’re done.
If you prefer something more foamy, you can turn to an aloe vera shampoo. You will need a little glycerin, aloe vera gel, liquid soap, all added to a few drops of your vegetable oils.

A homemade mask for everyone:

The good thing about natural hair masks is that unlike aloe vera shampoos, you often have all the ingredients on hand.
As with shampoos, you will first need to find what is best for your hair, depending on its nature and what you want to treat.
Overall, coconut oil for hair is a wonderful solution. Make sure to wear old clothes, as the oil tends to taste, choose something to wrap your hair (such as a charlotte) and go! Start by putting a few tablespoons of coconut oil in a bowl and melt it in the microwave. The oil is very cold, so you can also just use your hands, a hot pot, or a jar in hot water.
Then massage your hair with the resulting oil, put it together, put on your charlotte, bathing cap, old t-shirt, whatever as long as your hair is covered and it can stay in place overnight. The next day, wash your hair, it will be soft and shiny.
For dry hair, we recommend instead the egg, rich in protein and good fat (see the nutritional value of egg on Wikipedia) it is ideal for repairing your dry and damaged hair. To make a mask, all you need to do is beat a whole egg and olive oil with a whisk, then apply it to your hair for fifteen to thirty minutes. After rinsing it off, you can complete this natural mask with a natural shampoo!
To repair your hair damaged by too much mistreatment, often chemical, it is better to turn to the lawyer. Very nourishing, it will allow you to hydrate your hair in depth and will restore it to its former shine.
For this mask, a little more steps than for the previous one, which it can also replace. You just have to mix a ripe avocado with a teaspoon of olive oil and an egg yolk. Then, you apply this paste on your hair, insisting on the ends and leave on for a few minutes. All you have to do is rinse and shampoo.
For oily hair, your miracle ingredient will be lemon. Add a few drops of this citrus fruit to a mixture of two egg yolks and apply this to your damp scalp. After an hour, you can rinse the mask off with cold water.
For dull hair, we will opt instead for a 100% natural mask with white vinegar which will make it luminous and radiant. For this mask, which will look more like a lotion, you have to mix a quarter of a glass of lukewarm water with a tablespoon of lemon juice and another of white vinegar. After a few minutes you can rinse it off. Your hair will have a strong smell, but this will fade quickly, don’t worry.

A natural mask for hair that does not grow:

The hair that tends to despair the most easily is the hair that does not grow. For them, we’re going to lean towards castor oil. You might not have it, that’s understandable, but if your hair refuses to grow, you better run and buy it!
Start by mixing six tablespoons of coconut milk with three tablespoons of castor oil. Then you just have to apply this to your hair and massage it all in. The best thing then is to leave the product on overnight, then you just have to do your usual hair wash.
With all these tips, you have no more excuses not to get natural! Your hair will thank you for not giving it all those chemicals, when there are easier, cheaper, and so much more suitable!