What if you were told that contrary to popular belief, bacon wouldn’t be so bad for you? This is what we’ll try to prove to you today by debunking many of the myths about what goes great with your eggs in the morning.


It’s rare that bacon isn’t popular. What matters most is whether you like it crispy or extra crispy.


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1) Bacon is high in calories.

False. A regular slice of bacon contains 40 calories. Which is not so bad when compared to a slice of ham that contains 31. Between ham and bacon, the choice is easy, right?

2) bacon preservatives are bad

It’s true that bacon contains a lot of preservatives, but they’re not necessarily bad. On the contrary, they help protect bacon against several food-borne illnesses.

3) bacon dangerously raises your cholesterol levels

Here’s what you need to know: Not all foods that are high in cholesterol cause high cholesterol. Cheeses are much more likely to raise your cholesterol than your two slices of bacon in your club sandwich.

4) bacon fat makes you fat

Although bacon is high in fat, it is not more or less because of the fat. Either way, fat has several health benefits, such as keeping the brain functioning properly.